Warm up to dad this #FathersDay by treating him to one of our famous Thai curries!

Visit our menu, choose which of our delicious curry dishes you’d treat him to, tell us on Facebook or Twitter & stand a chance to win a R250 Father’s Day meal voucher!

T’s & C’s: Winners to be announced 17 June 2016 via social media | Valid only for Father’s Day, 19 June (lunch or dinner) at Lagoon Beach & Somerset West branches | Prize cannot be exchanged for cash | Eat in only, no takeaways

In May we celebrate Mother’s Day! Tell us why your mom should be the lucky lady to win a meal voucher to the value of R250. Enter on Facebook and Twitter.

Vouchers redeemable at our Wang Thai Lagoon Beach or Somerset West branches only.

T’s & C’s:

  • Winners to be announced on 3 May 2016.
  • Voucher valid on Mother’s Day & only at Wang Thai Lagoon Beach or Somerset West branches.
  • Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Eat in only, no takeaways.

This special applies to our à la carte sushi & alcoholic cocktails only.

Somerset West branch only.

Monday to Thursday

12h00 – 18h00

Valid until 31 March 2016

Somerset West Tel: 021 855-0112

Shop 8 Cylnor Centre, c/o Old Stellenbosch & Helderberg College Rds, Somerset West
GPS: S34° 3′ 48.254″ E18° 50′ 2.371″

Manager: Boe Mahakan

Competition Terms & Conditions:

Enter our ‪Valentine’s Day‬ competition &  you might be the lucky winner of a R500 meal voucher for 2 on Valentine’s Day!

Voucher valid at Lagoon Beach or Somerset West branches & only on Valentine’s Day.

Eat in only, no takeaways.

Vouchers cannot be transferred to another person or exchanged for cash.

Winners to be announced by Friday, 12 Feb 2016.

Winners will be chosen randomly in a draw.

Winners identification to be presented on arrival at restaurant.

Trading Hours:

  • Open at 12h00
  • Last order at 22h00


Wang Thai Lagoon Beach Tel: 021 551-9254 / 021-551 6684

Lagoon Beach Drive, Milnerton
GPS: S33° 53′ 33.587″ E18° 28′ 56.754″

Manager: Chollette Fourie


Wang Thai Somerset West Tel: 021 855-0112

Shop 8 Cylnor Centre, c/o Old Stellenbosch & Helderberg College Rds, Somerset West
GPS: S34° 3′ 48.254″ E18° 50′ 2.371″

Manager: Boe Mahakan

31 Oct

Loyalty gets rewarded at Wang Thai thanks to our new loyalty card earning you 5% of your total bill, credited to your card each time you dine with us. Apply instore and use it instantly!

Build up your points over time, or redeem them as you earn. Points are redeemable within seven days of transaction. To spend your points, simply present your card when paying your bill, and indicate what value you wish to redeem.

For a balance of your point status or a transaction statement, simply ask your waitron.

As an exclusive member of our loyalty club, you will be notified of any promotions or specials we’re offering.

Enjoy any one of these Chef’s Specials at Wang Thai Lagoon Beach or Somerset West!

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Thai Specialities

820 | Peanut Fish R 109.00
Fish of the day, flash-fried to perfection with peanuts, apple, red onion and mint relish.

821 | Seafood Turmeric Curry R 109.00
Prawns, calamari and fish, peppers and onions in aromatic turmeric curry paste.

822 | Thai Prawn Avo Medley R 106.00
Fresh prawns, lightly tossed with apple, green beans and tomato on a bed of lettuce served with a vinaigrette topped with cashew nuts.

823 | Fried Chicken with Thai Atchar R 87.00
Crispy coated chicken breast fillet, flashed fried, sliced and accompanied with a Thai atchar consisting of apple, carrot , onions and coriander.

824 | Crumbed Chicken with Lemon Sauce R 87.00
Crispy coated chicken breast fillet , flashed fried, sliced and drizzled with a lemon sauce.

825 | Duck Pineapple Curry R 139.00
Tender duck breast sliced, with pineapple and cocktail tomato in a creamy red curry.

826 | Basil Mung Bean Noodles R 99.00
Chicken 99
Beef 107
Tofu 89
Protein Soya 89
Prawns 119
Your choice of a main ingredient stir fried with mung bean noodles, green beans, basil, chilli and a hint of garlic.

827 | Pesto Mung Bean Noodles R 99.00
Chicken 99
Beef 107
Tofu 89
Protein Soya 89
Prawns 119
Your choice of a main ingredient stir fried with mung bean noodles , basil pesto, butternut and cocktail tomato.


828 | Salmon Fashion Boost (Colour – Fashion) R 54.00

829 | Hot Tempura Prawn Roll R 64.00

830 | California Special (The Bomb) R 64.00

Whether you want to host a Thai themed wedding, birthday or just a simple dinner with family and friends… there are a few things to consider when throwing a Thai soirée.

As a silver service Thai restaurant, we believe in giving our customers a true taste of Thailand by creating a Royal Thai atmosphere interior.

Thai dinner party table setting

So here are a few tips and tricks from us on how to pull of a top notch Thai themed party with elegance and class!

1. Bring the island, inland:

Thai culture focuses on living a harmonious life in balance with nature. The easiest way to create a natural tranquil tropical island feel is to make use of fresh leaves, flowers and fruit in your décor.
Leaves: Use big palm tree leaves as place mats, serving sheets, napkin rings or in centrepieces.
Flowers: Thailand is famous for flowers like orchids, lilies, lotus flowers, carnations and even stralitzias. Feature colours like white, lime green, purple, fuchsia and orange to create a splash of royalty. The more flowers, the more glamorous the setting!
Fruit: You can make simple centrepieces that people can tuck into by adding pineapples, watermelons, star fruit, bananas, melons & dragon fruit to your table.
See here: 15 Ideas To Make Exotic Flower Arrangements To Decorate Your Table

2. Create a festival of light:

Local Thai people celebrate a ritual called “the festival of lights” every year. This festival is symbolic to letting go of the past and celebrating life and new beginnings. As a result light plays a central theme in Thai culture and traditions. Create this exquisite atmosphere of light by adding plenty of candles and lanterns to your party. From paper lanterns, to floating candles, twinkle lights or little tea lights – the combination of multiple soft light sources creates a magical ambiance.

3. Transfix your space with translucency, colour and textures: 

A sure-fire way to create an authentic Thai experience is to make use of multiple textures, ornaments and colours. Stick to batik style fabric prints or bamboo textures. Use bold colour pairings balanced with metallic such as greens, pinks, whites & silver Or purples, yellow, orange and gold or dark reds with white, black and copper. Try to incorporate ceramics, metallic, natural fibres and glass.

4. It’s all about the food: 

Creating the décor setting is one thing, but the perfect Thai dinner deserves the perfect Thai Food – impress your party with take aways from Wang Thai Lagoon Beach or Wang Thai Somerset West.
Secretly dish it into your own plates and pretend you created the ultimate Royal Thai experience, all by yourself!
See our Menu here to help you plan your party.

5. Good company:

Invite people you enjoy celebrating life with!

While eating Sushi is traditionally a Japanese custom, as a Thai restaurant we would like help you enjoy this well loved ancient Asian cuisine the way it was intended. Though you will probably never get reprimanded in a restaurant for mistreating your fish, knowing how to eat sushi the correct way enhances the experience and even turns the meal into a cultural lesson. Serious sushi chefs consider making these edible delicacies an art form that takes years to master. Eating sushi the proper way respects their efforts and shows just how cultured you really are.

What you need to know:

Almost every sushi restaurant, should have the following items on the menu sashimi, nigiri, maki, and temaki.

Sashimi refers to slices of raw fish prepared on a plate without rice. In general, this is the most basic and cleanest way to eat sushi, but may not be appropriate for the beginner.

Nigiri refers to slices of raw fish over an oval-shaped ball of rice. These are prepared to order by the sushi chef and are typically seasoned lightly with a tiny amount of wasabi and soy sauce before it comes to you.

Typically, maki includes one or two types of fish and vegetables rolled with rice in a sheet of roasted seaweed and cut into bite-sized portions. This is usually the best starting point for people who are squeamish about eating raw fish.

Temaki is quite similar to maki, except the ingredients are rolled into a cone shape that you hold and is often referred to as a hand roll.

Condiments: A plate of sushi includes wasabi, a spicy root plant with a punch stronger than raw ginger. This spicy condiment is sometimes included in maki and nigiri, but is available if you desire more. Pickled ginger comes in thin, pink slices on the side of the plate and is used for cleansing the palate between bites. You’ll also have a shallow dish to dip your sushi in soy sauce. There are usually two soy sauce options, a salty sodium rich one (with a red lid) and the lower sodium (green one) which is way healthier and better for cholesterol and high blood pressure issues.

Basic Do’s and Don’ts:
1. DO: Pick up sushi with your chopsticks (hashi) If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, you can learn! (see a helpful tutorial, here).
2. DON’T: Skewer your sushi with chopsticks or a fork, if you can’t use chopsticks it’s more polite to eat with your hands, according to Japanese culture.
3. DO: Place your chopsticks on a ceramic rest when you are not eating. This is considered good table manners, just like you would rest your knife inside your fork in Western culture.
4. DON’T: Never ever rub your chopsticks together to remove splinters, this is considered very rude, rather ask for new chopsticks or gently wipe with a napkin below the table surface!
5. DO: Use the back ends of your chopsticks when taking food from a shared plate. It is considered highly unhygienic and poor etiquette to use the front end of your chopsticks to pick up edibles from a shared platter. Just flip it around and use the grip ends instead.
6. DON’T: Point either end of your chopsticks at another person. Just don’t lift them to high above your plate in general. Especially in Asia!
7. DO: Dip the fish side of the sushi into soy sauce. This not only brings out more flavour in the fish but also keep the rolled rice together so your sushi keeps its shape.
8. DON’T: Dip the rice side. The rice is seasoned and flavored with the chef’s expertise. You dip it into the soy sauce, you diss the chef.
9. DO: Use wasabi sparingly, for similar reasons. Traditionally, you leave it up to the chef to add the right amount of wasabi to your sushi. But today it’s more a matter of personal taste; just don’t go overboard with it.
10. DON’T: Make a soup out of wasabi and soy sauce. It ruins the delicate flavors, plus didn’t your Mommy tell you not to play with your food? Japanese culture is all about, precision, cleanliness and purpose. If they wanted a wasabi flavoured soy sauce, it would have come with your sushi.
11. DO: Eat sushi in one bite. If it’s too big for your mouth, like a hand roll – two bites should do. Don’t ever cut it with a knife and fork or use a spoon – that’s just amateur!
12. DON’T: Put ginger on sushi before eating it. The sushi chef has crafted your food with balance in mind. He doesn’t need you to mess with his art. Eat ginger between pieces of sushi as a palette cleanser.
13. DO: Preserve the beauty of the sushi. Not everybody knows all the rules of eating sushi even in Japan, but the most crucial thing is to appreciate the craft of your chef and the beauty of your food. In fact if you have the opportunity to talk to the chef or thank him, do so.

Now keep that in mind next time you come to enjoy our Half Price Sushi Special at Wang Thai’s Lagoon Beach and Somerset West branches! Also don’t forget to sign up for your Loyalty card and earn 5% off your total bill!