Spinach Cones (Meang Khum)

Craft your own unique spinach cones from a selection of ingredients: Peanuts, roasted coconut, chilli, lemon pieces, fresh ginger, onions and lemongrass, finished with a drizzle of sweet palm sugar syrup.


Spring Rolls (Po-Pia)

A choice of fillings wrapped in a light pastry, deep-fried and served with a plum or sweet chilli sauce.

Chicken R59 | Duck R59 | Prawn R59 | Veg R49

Satay Chicken (Satay Gai)

Chicken marinated in a Thai paste, skewered and served with a piquant peanut satay sauce and Thai atchar.


Sweet Corn Cakes
(Taud-Man Khao-Phod)

Crispy sweet corn cakes with moist, tender centers served with a sweet chilli sauce.


Crispy Wonton (Giew Grob)

Wonton parcels gently folded with a minced chicken and prawn filling, lightly fried until crispy and served with a sweet chilli sauce.


Oysters (Hoi Nang Rom)

Large oysters served with traditional condiments as well as our chilli, garlic and coriander sauce.


Prawn Blankets (Goong Choub Paeng)

Fleshy prawns coated in a light tempura batter, deep-fried until crispy and served with a sweet chilli sauce.


Medley of Dim Sum

Steamed dumplings with an assortment of fillings including: Prawns, shitake mushrooms, crabsticks, and a delicious combination of prawns and shitake mushrooms. Served with a vinegary dim sum sauce. (Contains Chicken)


Spring Roll Combo

A combination of vegetable, chicken, duck, and prawn spring rolls served with our very own plum or sweet chilli sauce.


Combo Platter

A collection of our most popular starters: Duck and prawn spring rolls, sweet corn cakes, chicken satay, and prawn and sweet potato pastries served with sweet chilli sauce, Thai atchar and spicy peanut sauce.

Full: R120 Half: R65

Prawn and Sweet Potato Pastries
(Po Pia Hongtae)

Filled with minced prawn, sweet potato, roasted peanuts, garlic and coriander. Served with plum sauce.



Tom-Yum Soup

A popular spicy Thai soup with an array of delicious spices,
sliced mushrooms, tomatoes and lemongrass.

Chicken R59 | Prawn R70 | Seafood R65 | Veg R55 | Tofu R55

Spicy Coconut Soup (Tom-Kha)

A creamy coconut soup infused with mushrooms, tomatoes,
onions, lemongrass, coriander, galangal and makrut lime leaves.

Chicken R59 | Prawn R70 | Seafood R65| Veg R55 | Tofu R55

Thai Consommé Soup
(Geang-Juud Woon-Sen)

A clear consommé of glass noodles and mixed vegetables
with a slightest hint of fried garlic.

Chicken R59 | Prawn R70 | Veg R55 | Tofu R55

Suki Soup

A tangy, slightly sweet and spicy soup with glass noodles,
chilli, sesame seeds and egg.

Chicken R59 | Prawn R70 | Seafood R65 | Veg R55 | Tofu R55