Loyalty Card FAQs

Where can I get my Wang Thai Loyalty Card from?

Visit Wang Thai Lagoon Beach restaurant, ask the waitron or store manager for the application form. Complete the form and give it back to the waitron or store manager. He/she will then activate the card immediately. Your points earned will become available to spend after 7 days.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes. Rest assured that your information will never be made available to any third parties.

Do I pay for my Wang Thai Loyalty Card?

No, the card is free. However, should you lose your card, a replacement fee of R25 will need to be paid.

How does my Wang Thai Loyalty Card work?

Everytime you visit Wang Thai, we’ll give you 5% of your bill credited to your card.

What is the currency of the Wang Thai Loyalty Card?

We work in points, so 1 cent equals 1 Point.

How do I redeem my Points?

Give your Wang Thai Loyalty Card to your waiter when paying your bill and tell him/her the value you wish to redeem.

How do I see how many Points I’ve earned?

By visiting Wang Thai Lagoon Beach and simply asking your waiter

How do I report a lost or damaged card?

Visit Wang Thai Lagoon Beach and report it with the manager. We’ll handle it from there.

If I forget my Wang Thai Loyalty Card, can I claim my Points at a later stage?

Yes. Take your previously unclaimed till slip to the store and ask the manager on duty to arrange for your account to be manually credited with the Points earned on the unclaimed bill.

Will my Points expire?

All Points that have not been used within 36 months of accumulating will expire.

Loyalty Card – Sign up today!

Loyalty gets rewarded at Wang Thai thanks to our new loyalty card earning you 5% off your total bill, credited to your card each time you dine with us. Apply instore and use it instantly!

Build up your points over time, or redeem them as you earn. Points are redeemable within seven days of transaction. To spend your points, simply present your card when paying your bill, and indicate what value you wish to redeem.

For a balance of your point status or a transaction statement, simply ask your waitron.

* As an exclusive member of our loyalty club, you will be notified of any promotions or specials we’re offering.