Whether you want to host a Thai themed wedding, birthday or just a simple dinner with family and friends… there are a few things to consider when throwing a Thai soirée.

As a silver service Thai restaurant, we believe in giving our customers a true taste of Thailand by creating a Royal Thai atmosphere interior.

Thai dinner party table setting

So here are a few tips and tricks from us on how to pull of a top notch Thai themed party with elegance and class!

1. Bring the island, inland:

Thai culture focuses on living a harmonious life in balance with nature. The easiest way to create a natural tranquil tropical island feel is to make use of fresh leaves, flowers and fruit in your décor.
Leaves: Use big palm tree leaves as place mats, serving sheets, napkin rings or in centrepieces.
Flowers: Thailand is famous for flowers like orchids, lilies, lotus flowers, carnations and even stralitzias. Feature colours like white, lime green, purple, fuchsia and orange to create a splash of royalty. The more flowers, the more glamorous the setting!
Fruit: You can make simple centrepieces that people can tuck into by adding pineapples, watermelons, star fruit, bananas, melons & dragon fruit to your table.
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2. Create a festival of light:

Local Thai people celebrate a ritual called “the festival of lights” every year. This festival is symbolic to letting go of the past and celebrating life and new beginnings. As a result light plays a central theme in Thai culture and traditions. Create this exquisite atmosphere of light by adding plenty of candles and lanterns to your party. From paper lanterns, to floating candles, twinkle lights or little tea lights – the combination of multiple soft light sources creates a magical ambiance.

3. Transfix your space with translucency, colour and textures: 

A sure-fire way to create an authentic Thai experience is to make use of multiple textures, ornaments and colours. Stick to batik style fabric prints or bamboo textures. Use bold colour pairings balanced with metallic such as greens, pinks, whites & silver Or purples, yellow, orange and gold or dark reds with white, black and copper. Try to incorporate ceramics, metallic, natural fibres and glass.

4. It’s all about the food: 

Creating the décor setting is one thing, but the perfect Thai dinner deserves the perfect Thai Food – impress your party with take aways from Wang Thai Lagoon Beach or Wang Thai Somerset West.
Secretly dish it into your own plates and pretend you created the ultimate Royal Thai experience, all by yourself!
See our Menu here to help you plan your party.

5. Good company:

Invite people you enjoy celebrating life with!